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SRCC – Selected by Leadership Sacramento to be the 2020 Partner Organization for their Class Project

LS2020 completed three projects for SRCC:

  1. A much needed beautification project of SRCC’s campus to make the site more welcoming to corpsmembers and potential members.  This part of the project had a strong emphasis on providing educational opportunities for corpsmembers regarding landscape design (including demolition, gardening, and irrigation systems).

  2. Vegetable garden designed, installed, and cultivated for corpsmembers.  This project enhanced corpsmembers' food literacy and provides them with fresh produce.

  3. Unrestricted funding to support the impact of COVID-19 on SRCC operations. SRCC like many local nonprofits, has been hard hit by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. The funding assisted SRCC offset a major loss in funding from other sources. 

SRCC helps build a stronger and healthier region by helping young adults from high risk environments discover opportunities and unlock their potential. LS20 believes that SRCC’s mission is more important now than ever before.  Please consider making an online donation to SRCC. 

Project Status

LS20 began work on the project once SRCC was selected as the awardee in April. Initial work included coordinating with Cunningham Engineering through an In-Kind donation to develop low water use landscaping plans. Onsite work started in early August with removing the existing landscaping and prepping the land for the new landscaping. The dirt work and irrigation was completed by the end of August and planting was completed by September.